Community Expansion Project

The Northwest Indiana Islamic Center is excited to announce a new expansion project!

As a community, we have grown tremendously and by the mercy and grace of Allah, together, we will continue to grow and thrive. Our families are flourishing, our children are developing into strong young believers, and community members have access to excellent programs and facilities year round. However, as our community has grown, our space, school facilities, and weekly programming has struggled to keep up with the demand. In an effort to better accommodate the many families we serve, we have designed a multi-faceted expansion project for the Masjid Community Center and the Islamic School to ensure that every member of the Northwest Indiana Muslim community has access to the resources and services they need to thrive.

We are expanding to better meet the needs of our growing community.

No project can be successful without support. We are calling upon every community member to join us in making this dream a reality. Please read below for more information about this tremendous effort and to find out how you can be a part of the future of the Northwest Indiana Muslim Community.

How the expansion project will benefit every family…

Video from Imam

Video from a Youth Leader

Video from a Sisters Group

Video from Principal

Video from an Older Brother or Board President

Just the FACTS...
What are we doing
  • Constructing a new building to house the Islamic School, Toddler Program, Childcare Facilities, and MId-Sized Banquet Hall

  • Upgrading the main building for a dedicated youth space and re-purposing of the multi-purpose banquet hall for workshops and community social events.

  • Purchasing furniture, equipment, and supplies for the school, childcare space, and banquet hall.

How can I help?
How much will it cost?

The budget for the expansion project is $1.35 million dollars. We must raise at least _____ per year to keep the project on schedule. An itemized budget will be published soon, insha’Allah!

How long will it take?
  • The estimated time to complete this project is five years. We began fundraising in _____ and hope to reach our goal by ______. Building is expected to commence on _______ and be completed by ________.

We cannot be successful without the support of the entire community. There are five ways to help:

  • Pledge a 5-year recurring gift to support the ongoing development of the project! Get Started [<add link]

  • Pledge a 1-time major gift to help us meet our short-term goals in a big way! Donate now  [<add link]

  • Support our fundraising goals through your company or business. Learn How  [<add link]

  • Give whatever you can afford and share this project with others! Give Today  [<add link]  [Be sure there are social media share links on the receipt page of the donation window]

  • Make lots of du’aa. Pray for the success of this project and ask Allah to put barakat in all of our efforts! Upgrade Your Duaas  [<add link] [Add a video from the imam thanking them and giving them 3 ways to maximize their duaas… like the special hour on Fridays, duaa while fasting, duaa in sujood, etc]

Financial Strategy

The projected budget for this project is $1.35 million dollars. As of June 2020, we have collected $340,000 from recurring and one-time donations. We have also secured three loans from generous community families that will be a total of $____________. These loans are the foundation of our fundraising strategy and will be distributed ____________. Additionally, we must secure sufficient recurring gift pledges from dedicated community members that will span five years, over the development of the project.

Fundraising for this project began in 2017 and we must meet our total fundraising goal by 2021 year-end. The building of the expansion will begin in ____________ and is expected to be completed by ______________, should we meet our fundraising goals.

Current Needs

Details coming soon!

Fundraising Timeline

Details coming soon!

I want to know more...
Who will benefit from this Project?

The expansion project will benefit the entire community! This new space will allow us to re-purpose the main building to better accommodate our youth; adults will benefit from the added space for workshops and events; children and parents of young children will further benefit from the new building, which will allow us to expand and upgrade the facilities for the Islamic school to accommodate more students. It also creates a new space for toddler programming and childcare, which will be a huge blessing for many parents, allowing them to be more engaged in community events.​

What will this Project accomplish?

We will construct a new building, as well as make upgrades to our main building. The main building will offer a dedicated space for our youth groups, while the multipurpose banquet hall will provide needed space for workshops, community social events and youth programming.

The new building will house our growing Islamic school, providing larger classrooms, updated furniture, and new equipment, while also creating a space for a day-time toddler program, event-based childcare during events, and a mid-sized banquet hall for special events like baby showers, family reunions, meetings, and retreats.

How will this Project benefit the School?

The full time school (IHA) and weekend schools will add more classrooms to accommodate more students up to the 5th grade level. Our current classroom size only accommodates up to 7 students, while our enrollment has an average of 12-15 students per class, so this is a much-needed upgrade. The school will also get a brand new multimedia center (library and computer lab) to improve classroom learning. Additionally, we will expand the early childhood program by adding a toddler program to accommodate more families, and more administrative and meeting space (which we currently don't have). Because IHA accepts state vouchers at early childhood and elementary level for eligible families and offers scholarships to those who don't qualify for the state choice program, we expect our school to continue to grow! We work hard not to deny any student due to financial reasons, if space is available. Space is a major issue in accommodating these new families.

Why is it so important to support the growth of the Islamic School?

A strong, sound Islamic school is the foundation of any good community. Our children’s education is our first and foremost priority because they will be the future of our community and the fruits of our efforts. We must invest in their education, upbringing, and well-being if we expect to build a community that can overcome the challenges it will inevitably face in this country. Every child who is unable to attend school in a strong, sound, nurturing Islamic environment is at risk of being overwhelmed by the social pressure from outside our faith community. The Islamic school is the heart of all of us and we must ensure that every child is able to grow and thrive. This means we need the appropriate space to comfortably accommodate every student, the necessary equipment and tools for them to learn effectively, and the support needed for extracurricular and youth programming that helps them make connections, feel included in the community, and feel as though the masjid and school are a second home.

Why should YOU support this project?

There are so many reasons why you should become a part of this beneficial effort! Please check out this video [<add link] from Shaykh Mongy El-Quesny for # reasons to support the expansion project!

How can I get more information or share my feedback about this project?

Would you like to know more? Or do you have an idea or suggestion about the expansion project? Contact us HERE [<add link to contact us form] and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you for your interest and support.